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2022 Three Rivers Festival

The Three Rivers Festival is a ten day long festival held every year in July in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. 2022 was the 53rd year for the festival, and I have been going to photograph it for more than twenty years. Most of the festival's events, including the carnival and the popular "Junk Food Alley" food area, are held at Headwaters Park.

I had not gone to the Three Rivers Festival for the last two years because of Covid. I went this year, and decided to photograph the festival entirely on Polaroid film. This was a challenge, since Polaroid film is very high in contrast, I would be photographing at night with no flash, and the camera does not allow precise manual control of exposure. It was a fun experiment that resulted in the fifteen photographs presented here.

You can see photographs that I made of the Three Rivers Festival and other carnivals in years past in my Carnivals portfolio.