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Waynedale: Fort Wayne's Small Town

Waynedale is an old part of southwest Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was originally a small town a few miles outside Fort Wayne, founded on February 15, 1921 by Abner Elzey. In 1957, Waynedale's residents voted to join the city of Fort Wayne and Waynedale ceased to exist as an independent town.

Although Waynedale has been part of Fort Wayne for more than 60 years, it still looks like a small town. Most of the businesses are locally owned; only a Walgreens drug store, a Kroger store, and a couple of fast food restaurants are part of big chains.

I grew up near Waynedale, so this small town in the big city has been important to me. I moved back to the Waynedale area a couple years before I moved to Santa Fe, and I returned to Waynedale when I moved back to Indiana in 2007.