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Polaroid Portraits of Sneaky

Sneaky is my cat, though he prefers the term "Feline Overlord." He was abandoned by his previous owners who lived in the little trailer park across the street from my house. They were on drugs and stopped feeding him, so as not to waste valuable money needed for dope.

One night in November, 2018 he came into my yard and started rubbing my legs and purring. I reached to pet him, and found that under the thick fur he was skin and bones malnourished. I gave him some leftover steak I had been saving to take to my parents' dog, and he ate like he hadn't eaten in a month! He began coming back and soon started to hang out in my yard all the time.

He kept wanting to come in the house but I found he had fleas. I took him to a vet and got him treated for fleas and the vet discovered that he also had tapeworms and an eye infection, and treated him for that as well. The vet said to not let him in the house for a certain time period (I think it was a month) to ensure all the fleas and their eggs were dead. He began gaining weight and acting less hungry after the tapeworm treatment.

Despite my best efforts to keep him out, he kept slipping in the house. That's why I called him Sneaky. After the fleas were gone and I let him move in, he continued being sneaky by learning to open closet doors, cabinets, and drawers. He recently showed us that he knows how door keys work. He wanted out and I wouldn't let him because it was raining, so he stole my son's house key from his desk and carried to to the door!

He also refuses to eat his canned cat food unless I add some real meat to it. I keep bags of steak, turkey, and chicken in the fridge to ‘season’ his food with because he often refuses to eat without it.

You can see more photographs and stories about Sneaky on his Instagram page.